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TWOCC was established almost one year ago after the brutal murder of Islan Nettles, a black trans woman in New York City. Since then we have brought visibility to this case and uplifted the narratives of struggle and resilience from our communities. From our multiple appearances at conferences, to our various talks, and our numerous accountability sessions we have created a new space for trans women of color leadership in the movement.

We are an organizing collective, NOT a registered non-profit. We rely on grassroots fundraising to sustain the work. Trans women of color have historically — and continue to — put our bodies on the line for justice. The amount of unpaid emotional, physical, and psychological labor we do for our movements is astronomical. We are tired of the lip service that our allies give to trans women of color issues. We believe that the role of allies in our movement is to fund us so that we can do the work for ourselves! This is a fundraising campaign lead by allies to support our work. We need YOUR change, to make our own!

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The worst thing is being a sort of closeted trans woman and getting this initial rush of “omg i think that cute girl just looked at me” immediately followed by crushing realisation of “even if she was attracted to me, she probably thinks I’m a guy” that can just ruin your day

This is the worst feeling

Finding a cute girl who is queer but then it turns out she’s transphobic and doesn’t think you are really a woman

And being left feeling like there’s something wrong with you and you’re not a ‘proper’ queer woman

It’s not a nice feeling :(

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this reminds me of lotr


this reminds me of lotr

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i want my energy back



who in the fucking world


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Armadillo playing x






Armadillo playing x



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"I was on the cover of Time magazine in June, and that same month, four trans women of color were murdered in the United States. So just because I got an Emmy nomination doesn’t mean the lives of trans people aren’t in peril every day.” - Laverne Cox


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When you really want to tell someone something… & then you forget what it was by BarkleyThePom

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Protect this hedgehog from egg shaped scientists and robots

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Over 80% of Palestinians murdered by Israel have been non-combatants. Over 96% of Israelis killed have been occupation soldiers.
Remi Kanazi (via socialismartnature)


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In her research on shelters for women, Mirha-Soleil Ross discovered that the refusal of services to a [trans] woman was justified on the grounds of the “safety” and comfort level of the other women residents. Ross argues that this concern over “safety” does not extend to [trans] women: “If I have fear and concerns for anyone’s safety in a shelter, it is for an isolated [trans] woman, not for a [cis woman] who doesn’t have to prove to anyone that she is a woman.”

As Ross so eloquently explains, this rationale absolves shelters of their responsibility in educating themselves and their residents about the diversity of women’s lives:

Even the argument that [trans] women should be excluded for their own safety is not acceptable on a long term basis. Just like any other form of prejudice and discrimination, if some [cis] women are threatening the safety of a [trans] woman because she is [trans], it should be dealt with immediately and efficiently. The [cis] women should be confronted about their own ignorance and violence. I don’t see why [trans] women should be restricted from access to such vital services because of somebody else’s transphobia and hatred.

Like the policies in homeless youth shelters, the [trans woman] in question is singled out as the “cause” of this “problem,” or the reason [cis] women in the shelter will not feel safe. This focuses attention on the [trans woman] and neglects the real issue at hand: the provision of services to those in need.

Viviane Namaste, Invisible Lives: The Erasure of Transsexual and Transgendered People (via transfeminism)
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John Aravosis is a transmisogynist, misogynist, lesbophobic, bisexual-hating tool who would like to boot everyone but gay men out of the LGBT rights movement because gay men invented gay activism. He also claimed that trans people needed to wait our turn because we’re ~latecomers~ to the whole activism thing.

how can anyone be so ignorant?? the fact that trans women of colour started the lgbt rights movement is inarguable, what kind of denial gymnastics is he doing to convince himself otherwise??

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FBI pressured Muslims into committing terrorist acts, then arrested them: report

July 21 2014

The FBI encouraged and sometimes even paid Muslims to commit terrorist acts during numerous sting operations after the 9/11 attacks, a human rights group said in a report published Monday.

“Far from protecting Americans, including American Muslims, from the threat of terrorism, the policies documented in this report have diverted law enforcement from pursuing real threats,” said the report by Human Rights Watch.

Aided by Columbia University Law School’s Human Rights Institute, Human Rights Watch examined 27 cases from investigation through trial, interviewing 215 people, including those charged or convicted in terrorism cases, their relatives, defense lawyers, prosecutors and judges.

“In some cases the FBI may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by suggesting the idea of taking terrorist action or encouraging the target to act,” the report said.

In the cases reviewed, half the convictions resulted from a sting operation, and in 30 percent of those cases the undercover agent played an active role in the plot.

“Americans have been told that their government is keeping them safe by preventing and prosecuting terrorism inside the US,” said Andrea Prasow, the rights group’s deputy Washington director.

“But take a closer look and you realize that many of these people would never have committed a crime if not for law enforcement encouraging, pressuring and sometimes paying them to commit terrorist acts.”

US Attorney General Eric Holder has strongly defended the FBI undercover operations as “essential in fighting terrorism.”

“These operations are conducted with extraordinary care and precision, ensuring that law enforcement officials are accountable for the steps they take -– and that suspects are neither entrapped nor denied legal protections,” Holder said July 8 during a visit to Norway.

The HRW report, however, cites the case of four Muslim converts from Newburgh, New York who were accused of planning to blow up synagogues and attack a US military base.

A judge in that case “said the government ‘came up with the crime, provided the means, and removed all relevant obstacles,’ and had, in the process, made a terrorist out of a man ‘whose buffoonery is positively Shakespearean in scope,’” the report said.

The rights group charged that the FBI often targets vulnerable people, with mental problems or low intelligence.

It pointed to the case of Rezwan Ferdaus, who was sentenced to 17 years in prison at age 27 for wanting to attack the Pentagon and Congress with mini-drones loaded with explosives.

An FBI agent told Ferdaus’ father that his son “obviously” had mental health problems, the report said. But that didn’t stop an undercover agent from conceiving the plot in its entirety, it said.

“The US government should stop treating American Muslims as terrorists-in-waiting,” the report concluded.

Mike German, a former FBI agent now with the Brennan Center, said FBI counterterrorism excesses were a source of concern — “concerns that they both violate privacy and civil liberties, and aren’t effective in addressing real threats.”

But JM Berger, a national security expert, said law enforcement faces a dilemma: it can’t just ignore tips or reports about people talking about wanting to commit a terrorist action or seeking support for one.

“The question is how to sort out which cases merit investigation and which do not,” he said.

The rights group charged that the FBI often targets vulnerable people, with mental problems or low intelligence.”

THIS needed to be bolded.

This happened in Portland, OR a few years ago. The FBI pressured Mohamed Mohamud into attempting a bombing in downtown Portland, and then arrested him once they pushed him into doing it. 

Like when he said he didn’t want to do it they set out to convince him. 

We talk a lot about “security theater”, but this is one of the worst examples.

The point of these abuses isn’t that the people targeted really are “dangerous radicals”, it’s simply to produce “results”… i.e., something the FBI can point to in order to justify their budget and “make the American people” (minus the targeted communities) feel safe”.

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Fake “dom” VERSES trained empowered sub.
Know the difference!
Thanks to LH for allowing Me to post this. 


True. Everyone needs to take note, just because you identify as a submissive, doesn’t mean that you have to follow through on everything. Stick up for yourself. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.

This is like every guy on collarme

Excellent example of how a sub should handle things. Fuck so-called doms who think this how it’s supposed to be.

Ughhhhh this is so fucking disgusting. This guy is nothing more than a rapist masquerading as a Dom claiming to be kinky. Fuck people like this, dude. Subs are still human beings and a good partner knows no means no.

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